Sarah is a dancer, singer, actor, athlete, songwriter, musician, and choreographer in Los Angeles, California, and originally from Missoula, Montana. During the day, Sarah is a fitness trainer. At night, she is a dance instructor and student.

Sarah is currently a part of a monthly live show in Hollywood, “The Tony Martini Variety Hour”, as well as the singer and guitarist in the band Strawberry Dreamboat.

Some accomplishments Sarah is proud of since moving to LA include a recurring role in The Tony Martini Variety Hour. Sarah was also a hip hop dancer in Ay Hollywood’s music video for Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” Challenge Video. The video was recognized and re-posted by Beyonce’s official Instagram. Sarah was a featured dancer and magician’s assistant in the production of La Magie performed at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood in 2019. Recently, Sarah had the opportunity to assist world renowned dancer and choreographer, JoJo Gomez, in a contemporary class in June of 2022.

Sarah is also a certified instructor. After completing a 4 year certification program, Sarah is a certified dance instructor in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, and Modern. She is also a certified group fitness trainer and is currently studying to be an ACE certified personal trainer. Her teaching experience is spread across the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.